Here at Freedom From Waste, we are excited to announce our plans to bring back a fully-functional recycling program. This will begin as a small program and grow over time so that we can work out the kinks and offer the best possible solution to our community.

The program will offer weekly collection of plastics, paper, cardboard, metal, and electronics. The cost of this program is $20 per month, and the collection day will be Mondays.

Tote-like containers will be provided for your plastics, paper, cardboard, metal, and electronics. Please read below on what types of recyclables we can accept.

Recycling Q&A


  • Acceptable plastics MUST be clean with all labels removed.

  • Plastic #1-6 are acceptable for recycling.

  • Absolutely NO #7 plastics and no unmarked plastics can be accepted.


  • Did you know paper and cardboard are easily recycled in compost? That’s what we’ll be doing with what we collect!

  • No ‘glossy’ paper or cardboard can be accepted, and all tape and labels must be removed before placing in your recycle bin.

  • Recyclable paper products are books (hard and soft cover), magazines, and newspaper. At this time we do not have the facilities to accept shredded paper, junkmail, or other types of composite/glossy paper products.


  • Items like tin and aluminum cans and scrap metals are all acceptable to be recycled.

  • All labels must be removed from canned goods.


  • Yard waste includes grass clippings, leaves, and small or broken tree limbs.

  • Yard waste cannot be thrown away or collected by us for recycling, but there are other ways to deal with yard waste!

    • Yard Waste can be taken to The Farm in Farmington for composting, or to the St. Francois County Transfer Station
    • Composting at home is also a great option, especially if you garden or have flowers or trees in your yard. Learn more about how to compost at home here.
    • Most counties and residential zones allow the burning of dry yard waste as long as the fire is attended and away from structures, call your local Fire Department first if you want to dispose of yard waste in this way.


  • Electronics include computers, monitors, batteries, DVD players, televisions, and much more.

  • Our recycling source will break all of these items down to their basic components, and they will be recycled further from there.

  • Any “tube” TV requires special processing and will cost an additional $50 to recycle.


  • Unfortunately, we have had to indefinitely close the doors of The Hub, our free store that offered gently used clothes, toys, books, and furniture to the community. If you have items that could be donated instead of thrown away, please contact your church or other local upcycling program. If you need help finding a place to donate you can ask on our Hub facebook page.

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