2 Yard Dumpster

Fits about 24-32
13 gallon trash bags

4 Yard Dumpster

Fits about 48-64
13 gallon trash bags

6 Yard Dumpster

Fits about 72-96
13 gallon trash bags

8 Yard Dumpster

Fits about 100-128
13 gallon trash bags

Having reliable waste services for your business is important. Keeping a clean environment is key for setting the example for your customers. Allow us to provide you with the best service, while keeping your costs low!

We offer permanent dumpsters available in all sizes. There is a one-time delivery fee of $35-$100, depending on the location. The customer is responsible for any damage, fire, or theft. The load must not exceed the top of the box, or over hang. If the dumpster is not accessible at the time of pick up, there will be an additional charge for a return trip.

If you’re simply looking for short term service, click the button below.

Temporary Service

Prohibited dumpster items…

  • Paint (put cat litter in paint and allow it to harden – then it can be thrown away)

  • Pressurized tanks (propane, helium, etc.)

  • Liquids/Oils/Wet Concrete

  • Tires, bricks, dry cement

  • Refrigerators/Air Conditioners

  • Yard Waste (sticks, leaves, branches, dirt)
    Hazardous Materials/ Burning Hot Ashes
    Wood (longer than 4 ft)
    Heavy or Hard Metal
    Household Appliances (TVs, Computers, etc.)

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