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Our Mission:

We strive to encourage community improvement by providing quality services to our customers, stimulating local economy by using our community's services and products, creating jobs, and improving sustainability.

Why choose Freedom From Waste:

Your community is our community. Because we care, we have unmatched customer service. You are not a number to us, unlike big corporate companies. We are a locally born and raised company so we reinvest your money into the local economy. We want to offer efficient options to utilize our resources before your unwanted waste ends up in our dumpsters. We can only achieve our goals with your help and involvement.

What the future holds:

Freedom From Waste will continue to provide quality service and reinvest in the communities that we serve. Consulting and partnership with cities, businesses, and schools to sort waste properly is our ultimate goal. Freedom From Waste's goal is to be a zero waste company, which means none of the waste generated by our operations will end up in the landfill. Will you join us in this challenge to make a change in our community?
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